Thursday, September 7, 2023

Universal Declaration of Human Rights : Article 1 of WHRO


The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) meticulously delineates the fundamental principles that underpin the preservation of the inherent dignity of individuals, safeguard their intrinsic freedoms, promote egalitarianism among persons, and foster harmonious relations between nations. These Human Rights, as well as Fundamental Rights, enshrine a profound commitment to the sanctity of human existence, encompassing the rights to life, liberty, personal security, equality before the law without bias, nationality, freedom of movement, marriage and family formation, autonomous choice of occupation, attainment of a decent standard of living, education, active engagement in the political sphere, liberty of association, cogitation, conscientious belief, and participation in communal social life, equality provided to each citizen of Bharat as per codified in the Constitution of India. This comprehensive framework garnered widespread international acclaim and support following its proclamation by the United Nations General Assembly on 10 December 1948, catalyzed in part by the horrors of the Holocaust, the turbulence of two world wars within three decades, and the vicissitudes of economic turmoil. The UDHR has since served as a blueprint and constructive for the construction of an equitable and just (Justice) globalized society.

In the contemporary landscape, beset by challenges such as the global COVID-19 pandemic and the emergence of right-wing, populist regimes across various nations, the imperative to protect and uphold human rights assumes heightened significance. Our organization served the nation and participated with the Indian government in providing food, money, wheelchairs, school bags, blankets, and clothes, organized the health campaign, and self-defense for girls and children for the needy citizens of Bharat and also we succeeded in around more than 20% of the vicinity and the organization thanks and appreciate the members to give their all best to serve the government and the citizens of Bharat. 

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