Monday, July 1, 2024

The Three New Criminal Laws have been Forcibly Passed, they should be Stopped Immediately:- Kumari Selja

 There Needs to be a re-Discussion on the Passed Laws in Parliament:-Kumari Selja

:-The India is being Pushed from a welfare state to a police state:-Kumari Selja

:-The New Laws will Affect a Large Number of Citizens:-Kumari Selja

:-The BJP Government is Making False Declarations,
Instead of working on the ground:-Kumari Selja

Chandigarh/1st, July.

The General Secretary of the All India Congress Committee, former State President of Haryana Congress, In-charge of Uttarakhand, former Union Minister and Member of Congress Working Committee, and newly elected MP from Sirsa Lok Sabha seat of Congress (India Alliance), Kumari Selja said that after the political and moral setback in the election, PM Narendra Modi and the BJP are pretending to respect the Constitution. However, the truth is that the three criminal justice system laws being implemented from today were forcibly passed by suspending 146 MPs. This bulldozer will not run on the parliamentary system of justice. Kumari Selja said that this bill should be reintroduced in Parliament, debated, and passed again. 

In a statement released to the media, Kumari Selja said that three new criminal laws are being implemented across the country today. From today, three new laws, the Indian Justice Code, the Indian Civil Protection Code, and the Indian Evidence Exchange, are being implemented in place of IPC, CRPC, and the Indian Evidence Act. She said that these three laws should be stopped immediately. Kumari Selja said that these laws lay the foundation for a police state. The new criminal laws will lay the foundation for turning India from a welfare state into a police state. She said that there should be a re-discussion in Parliament on these laws before any decision is taken. Kumari Selja said that for law enforcement agencies, judicial officers, and legal professionals, there will be significant challenges ahead. She said that these laws will affect a large number of citizens at some point. The haste with which the government brought these laws to Parliament and implemented them is undesirable in a democracy. There was neither adequate discussion in the Parliamentary Committee nor extensive discussion in the House, and there was no consultation with stakeholders. 

Kumari Selja said that the state government has completely failed to protect the lives and property of the people, even though the Home Ministry is under the Chief Minister. Being the Home Minister of Haryana, the Chief Minister should solve this problem. The state is under jungle raj instead of law and order. Incidents of shootings, extortion, and ransom are increasing in various places. The government is busy making false declarations and promises instead of catching criminals. A state where crime increases can never develop. Due to the increase in crime, traders and industrialists are continuously migrating from Haryana, which is increasing unemployment more than before. The increase in unemployment is the reason Haryana is at the top in terms of crime. In Hisar, after several incidents of firing and demanding crores of rupees as ransom, the police have nothing but assurances. Traders are protesting for security. Not a single criminal involved in any incident has been caught, which is a living proof of the government's failure. Under section 9 of the Lok Sabha Conduct Rules, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla announced 10 presiding officers to assist in the conduct of the Lok Sabha on Monday, including MP from Sirsa and former Union Minister Kumari Selja, who will be seen conducting the Lok Sabha in the absence of the Lok Sabha Speaker in the future.

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