Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Sonakshi Sinha, Badshah, and Varun Sharma witnessed promoting their upcoming movie Khandaani Shafakhana in National Capital

Today, Sonakshi Sinha, Badshah, and Varun Sharma came to New Delhi for the promotion of their upcoming movie Khandaani Shafakhana. The event was held at Le Meridien, New Delhi. The upcoming movie is a comedy-drama film directed by Shilpi Dasgupta and produced by Bhushan Kumar, Mahaveer Jain, Mrighdeep Singh Lamba, Divya Khosla Kumar, and Krishan Kumar jointly. The film is produced by T-Series and is scheduled to be theatrically released in India on 2 August 2019. Sonakshi Sinha spoke to media about the message that the movie spreads, “ Sex- Education is as important as any other academic subject for the students which should be taught both in school and home. I am proud to be a part of Khandaani Shafakhana as it conveys a very sensitive issue in a funny way.” She also mentions that Sex-education is banned in about seven states of our country. Present at the event, Varun Sharma said that “Many times it happens people are not open about talking sexual disorders with their family and especially when it comes to marriage. This creates a problem for both families. The taboo of not talking about sex or sexual disorders need to break." Badshah spoke about his debut in acting with this movie, " I was very comfortable in acting with Sonakshi and Varun. As I was never afraid of making mistakes on the sets as I knew I could easily ask for a retake in front of them."

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

जीत राठी ने मुंबई पहुंचकर दी संजय दत्त को जन्मदिन की बधाई

मुंबई रवाना होने से पहले संजय दत्त के जन्मदिन पर गरीबों में फल बांटे
बहादुरगढ़(कृष्ण गोपाल विद्यार्थी) फिल्मी दुनिया के बेहद मिलनसार व धार्मिक प्रवृति के सफल अभिनेता संजय दत्त का जन्मदिन उनके पारिवारिक मित्र जीत राठी ने फल बांट कर धूमधाम से मनाया। जीत राठी ने अभिनेता संजय दत्त के 61वें जन्मदिन पर मुंबई रवाना होने से पहले बहादुरगढ़ के अमर ज्योति कुष्ठ आश्रम में जाकर गरीबों में फल वितरित करके उनके सुन्दर स्वास्थ्य व दीर्घायु की मंगलकामना की। गरीबों में फल बांटने के उपरांत जीत राठी सांखोल ने बताया कि फिल्म अभिनेता संजय दत्त बहुत विनम्र व मिलनसार स्वभाव के इंसान हैं। इतना बड़ा फिल्म स्टार होने के बावजूद घमंड उन्हें छू तक नहीं गया। इसीलिए आज भी वे देश के करोड़ों प्रशंसकों के दिल में बसे हुए हैं। बता दें कि गांव सांखोल निवासी जीत राठी फिल्म अभिनेता संजय दत्त के पारिवारिक सदस्य की तरह हैं तथा संजय दत्त भी उन्हें अपने बेटे समान मानते है। जीत राठी ने बताया कि वह साल में कई बार उनसे मुलाकात के लिए मुंबई स्थित उनके आवास व जहां कहीं भी संजय दत्त की फिल्म की शूटिंग चल रही होती है उस फिल्मी सेट पर जाकर उनसे मिलते रहते हैं। जीत राठी ने बताया कि वे गत माह भी संजय दत्त से उनके आवास पर मिलने गए थे और आज मुंबई में फिर उनके आवास पर पहुंचकर उनसे मुलाकत कर जन्मदिन की बधाई दी है। जीत राठी ने अभिनेता संजय दत्त को जन्मदिन की बधाई दी व उन्हें देवों के देव भगवान शिव की प्रतिमा भेंट कर उनकी दीर्घायु की कामना की।

पोर्टफोलियो बनवाएं केवल 999 रुपये में

रक्षाबंधन तक विशेष छूट
फैशन की दुनिया में आने का सपना बहुत से युवाओ का होता है। मोडलिंग एक्टिंग की दुनिया में आने के लिए पहला कदम ही होता है पोर्टफोलियो बनवाना। ये ऐक महंगा शौक है जिसे पूरा करने के लिए पांच से पचास हजार तक खर्च आता है। लेकिन एक मीडिया और एंटरटेनमेट कंपनी होने के नाते आज की दिल्ली और योगराज फिल्म्स ने रक्षाबंघन के मौके पर एक खास छूट दी है। आप इनडोर फोलियो बनवाए या फिर आउटडोर आपका मिनी फोलियो बनेगा केवल 999 रुपये में। इसके लिए इच्छुक वय्क्ति को केवल वटसअप करके टाईम और तारीख फिक्स करनी है। वटसअप करें- एपाइंटमेंट फिक्स करें- 7011490810, योगराज शर्मा।

Monsoon Eye Care

Dr. Ritika Sachdev, MS Addl. Director , Centre for Sight
FINALLY THE RAIN GODS RELENTED. While the weather has turned pleasant, there is also a downside to it. Eye infections increase in these wet months. Monsoons can bring with them various viral & bacterial infections due to increased moisture in the air. Hence, extra eye care becomes important, especially in diabetics. Common problems encountered during this season include conjunctivitis, stye, meibomitis, dry eyes and corneal ulcers. Most of these can be avoided by taking certain precautions regarding ocular hygiene and good control of diabetes. Uncontrolled or fluctuating levels of blood sugar put a person at more risk of developing infections. Frequent touching of ocular surface with unwashed hands is the main source of infection. Following are the common problems and precautions to avoid them: Dry eye: Dryness of eye is again a common problem, aggravated due to increased use of computers, smartphones, air-conditioned indoors. Person experiences discomfort, burning sensation, grittiness & even blurred vision due to dry eye. Besides ocular hygiene, frequent blinking of eyes, looking away from TV/computer screen every few minutes & use of tear substitutes provides relief. Corneal ulcer: It is a severe form of eye infection due to viral, bacterial or fungal infection. Uncontrolled diabetes may lead to corneal involvement and ulcer formation. If not controlled, it may result in blindness. Good control of blood sugar, ocular hygiene, proper cleansing of contact lenses by contact lens users can help in its prevention. Conjunctivitis is the most common eye infection during these wet months. The surface of the white of the eye and the back surface of eyelids is covered by a thin protective membrane called conjunctiva. Inflammation and redness of this membrane is called conjunctivitis. Conjunctivitis is caused by viral or bacterial infection. It can be a result of allergy to dust, pollen, medicines, cosmetics or contact lenses. The chlorinated water of swimming pool can also cause inflammation in the conjunctiva. Conjunctivitis doesn’t spread by looking in the eyes of the infected person. Wearing dark glasses helps as it keeps your eyes cool& shielded. To avoid conjunctivitis, maintain strict personal hygiene as well as avoid sharing of items of personal use, like towels, handkerchiefs etc. Treatment plan:At the first instance of the watering of eyes, you should consult an ophthalmologist. If you are a contact lens user, discontinue wearing them immediately. Your doctor may prescribe antibiotic eye drops. Use them as directed and stay at home to take rest. This way, you will recover faster and not spread the infection to others. Stye is an infection in the eyelid which looks like a pimple. It occurs when the oil gland in the eyelid gets infected. This painful little bump is a limiting condition which ruptures on its own. Avoid popping a stye. Styes are caused by staphylococcal bacteria found in the nose. When you touch your nose and then your eyes, you are at risk of contracting a stye. Treatment plan: Warm water compress works as an effective home remedy for relieving the pain and inflammation of stye. However, if the stye happens regularly, get in touch with an ophthalmologist, as severe cases may need antibiotic therapy. Corneal ulcer is a severe eye infection. It occurs as a red, painful eye, with mild to severe discharge and reduced vision. The condition results from a localized infection of the cornea, similar to an abscess.Most cases of corneal ulcers are due to a bacterial or fungal infection that invades the cornea — often following eye injury, trauma or other damage. There have been instances when splashing of the mucky water from the puddles in the eyes has caused infection surrounding the cornea. Contact lens users are particularly susceptible to a corneal ulcer. Treatment Plan:An ophthalmologist will diagnose corneal ulcer. Early diagnosis and treatment is crucial such cases. Corneal ulcer may lead to vision loss or blindness. Hence, there is a need for aggressive treatment plan. Treatment usually involves antibiotics as well as antiviral or antifungal medications. Your doctor may prescribe steroid eye drops to reduce inflammation of the eye. Do not self-medicate yourself under any circumstance with steroid eye drops as it can have devastating effect on your eyes and result in corneal melting or loss of vision. In severe cases, patients are hospitalized so that the correct treatment is given. If infections are stubborn or leave a scar, a corneal transplant may be needed to restore vision. Watch out for any such symptoms of eye infection, this monsoon and get in touch with your ophthalmologist if you experience any discomfort in your eyes. After all, your eyes deserve the best. TIPS FOR EYE CARE DURING RAINS With rains come puddles of dirty water and eye infections soar. But, with a bit of prevention, you could stay safe, as the mercury relents. Centre for Sight keeps you up to date on effective eye care tips: 1. Eyes wide shut: Close your eyes when you decide to get soaked in the rain as it screens off atmospheric pollutants. While the rain water is reasonably clean but you need to be wary of the rain water if you stand under a tree or a building, as it can be contaminated with pollutants, which could increase eye infections. Rain water can also strip away tear glands which could make your eyes dry. 2. Stay out of wind: Wear light colored sunglasses if you have to go out during the day to keep your eyes protected. Contact lens wearers should diligently follow the rule, or they risk their contacts getting blown away in the wind. 3.Avoid splash: Splashing sounds fun, reminds of the good old childhood days. But, splash contains muck and if it gets accidentally in your eyes, wash it off immediately with plain water and dry your eyes. If you are not carrying water with you then buy a water bottle immediately to clean your eyes, as mucky water carries a lot of bacteria, which can infect your eyes.Monsoon is also not the time when you should take a dip in the pool, as it can result in eye infections. 4.Emphasize on hygienic practices: During monsoon, eye infections like conjunctivitis and stye are on the rise. The infection is contagious and can be easily transmitted via towels, handkerchiefs, lenses, glasses and other articles handled during the course of daily activities. To avoid infection, you need to ensure that you do not share articles of personal use with anyone else. Eye infections result in redness of eyes and watery discharge. Use antibiotic eye drops to treat eye infections, only after it has been prescribed by an ophthalmologist. Avoid lenses when you contract an eye infection. 5. Do not rub your eyes: Refrain from rubbing your eyes when they itch. Stye, an infection of the glands of the eyelids is also usually caused by frequent rubbing of eyes with unwashed or dirty hands. As a general rule, avoid exposing your eyes to rain water and wash your hands, face and feet well after you have braved the monsoon. Follow these tips to breeze through monsoon. Special Prevention tips for diabetics. Do not neglect the eye care during monsoon season: ·Frequent washing of hands & eyes is recommended. Avoid unnecessary touching of the eyes. · Do not share personal items including cosmetics with others. Contact lens users should pay extra attention. · Visit a qualified ophthalmologist in case of any eye problem. Do not ignore a red eye. · Do not do self medication or buy over the counter eye drops, they may contain steroids which may worsen the eye infection. · Keep sugar levels in good control & maintain a healthy diet. A little extra care can go a long way toward away serious problems, especially in a diabetic. Keep this in mind and enjoy the showers of monsoon. Proper eye care should become a priority during monsoons to help protect from infections like conjunctivitis, stye, dry eyes and corneal ulcers which can lead to blindness.

हरियाणा प्रदेश कांग्रेस कमेटी की डाक कावड़ यात्रा पहुंची चंडीगढ़

कुरूक्षेत्र से रवाना हुई सदभावना डाक कावड़ यात्रा का हुआ समापन पंचकूला,यमुनानगर,दामल,कक्कड़माजरा,पतरेड़ी में हुआ यात्रा का स्वागत प्रदेश कांग्रेस की ओर से कोषाध्यक्ष तरूण भंडारी ने कांवडिय़ों के साथ की पूजा-अर्चना
चंडीगढ़,( तीस जुलाई):हरियाणा प्रदेश कांग्रेस कमेटी की ओर से प्रदेश की तरक्की,सदभावना और आपसी भाईचारे को कायम रखने के लिए सोमवार को कुरूक्षेत्र से रवाना हुई दूसरी डाक कावड़ यात्रा मंगलवार को चंडीगढ़ पहुंची। हरियाणा प्रदेश कांग्रेस कमेटी के अध्यक्ष डा.अशोक तंवर के निर्देशन में कुरूक्षेत्र से शुरू हुई यात्रा का हरियाणा की सीमा में जगह-जगह स्वागत हुआ। डाक कावड़ यात्रा हरिद्वार से जल लेकर सोमवार रात्रि 8 बजे रवाना हुई और मंगलवार को पंचकूला के सैक्टर 9 स्थित शिव मंदिर में दोपहर दो बजे पूजा अर्चना के साथ इस यात्रा का समापन किया गया। पंचकूला पहुंचने पर डाक कावड़ यात्रा का हरियाणा प्रदेश कांग्रेस कमेटी के कोषाध्यक्ष एवं कांग्रेस नेता तरूण भंडारी ने फूल-मालाओं के साथ कावंडिय़ों का स्वागत किया और पूरे विधि-विधान के साथ पूजा अर्चना करवाकर भगवान शिव की प्रतिमा पर जलाभिषेक किया गया। इससे पूर्व डाक कावड़ लेकर आ रहे कावडिय़ों का यमुनानगर,दामल,कक्कड़माजरा और पतरेड़ी में भी कांग्रेसी नेताओं द्वारा स्वागत किया गया। इस डाक कावड़ यात्रा में प्रदेश कांग्रेस कमेटी की ओर से प्रदेश कांग्रेस प्रतिनिधि राजकुमार पांचाल,यात्रा के संयोजक जगबीर जोगनाखेड़ा एवं उनकी टीम के विक्रम जोगनाखेड़ा,भीम सिंह,राजेश बीजागर,जसबीर खिदरपुरा,सोहनलाल,रणबीर चहल,अमित कतलेड़ी,सुख्विन्द्र बाजवा,बलिन्द्र नीरज,बिन्द्र,दीपू,अजय,अमनदीप,गौरव,पवन कोढ़ा,चांदराम और कृष्ण कुमार शामिल थे। डाक कावड़ यात्रा के समापन अवसर पर शिव भक्तों को संबोधित करते हुए हरियाणा प्रदेश कांग्रेस कमेटी के कोषाध्यक्ष एवं कांग्रेस नेता तरूण भंडारी ने कहा कि कांग्रेस पार्टी राजनीतिक मंचों के माध्यम से जनता की आवाज उठाने के साथ-साथ सामाजिक और धार्मिक कार्यो में भी पूरा विश्वास रखती है और इसीलिए समय-समय पर कांग्रेस पार्टी द्वारा इस तरह के धार्मिक कार्यो का आयोजन किया जाता है।उन्होने डाक कावड़ लेकर आए कांग्रेसियों का आभार जताते हुए कहा कि आपकी जितनी सराहना की जाएं,उतनी कम है और आप पर हमेशा भगवान शिव की कृपा यूं ही बनी रहे।

India wins the 1st Asian Yogasana Championship

Indian players won the 1st Asian Yogasana Sports Trophy in Dhaka by winning 22 Gold, 4 Silver and 2 Bronze medals. The Championship was organised by the Bangladesh Yogasana Association under the authority of Global Yoga Alliance. The audience who witnessed the show were overwhelmed by Indian player’s spectacular performance. Nitin Pawle and Pooja Patel were the star attraction from India who secured gold medal in all the 4 categories i.e. Traditional Yoga, Artistic Yoga, Rhythmic Yoga and Artistic Pair Championship. Bangladesh with 3 Golds, 14 Silver and 5 Bronze medals stood second while Hong Kong with 2 Bronze medals stood third in the Championship. The other countries who participated were Bhutan and Thailand. Dr Gopal ji, President – Global Yoga Alliance inaugurated the Championship while Mr. K.M Khalid, Hon’ble Minister of Cultural Affairs, Government of People’s Republic of Bangladesh was the Chief Guest in the valedictory function. Mr. Kabir Bin Anwar, President – Bangladesh Yoga Association; Samim Khan Titu, Vice-President, Mr. Hamid, General Secretary and Mr. Masood Karim, Secretary – National Sports Council, Bangladesh also graced the occasion with their presence. Mr. Midhun T.K., Deputy High Commissioner – Indian High Commission in Bangladesh was the Guest of Honour. Hon’ble Minister of Cultural Affairs, Mr. K.M. Khalid announced that an International Yoga event will be organised in association with Global Yoga Alliance during the 100th birth ceremony celebration of its founder Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in March 2020.

The Music Theatrical “Umrao Jaan Ada- The Musical“ going live in National Capital

The press conference of “Umrao Jaan Ada – The Musical” was held on 24th July in The Lalit Hotel, New Delhi. The live musical is going to be staged from 3rd August to 11th August at Jawaharlal Nehru Weightlifting Indoor Stadium, New Delhi, organized by gravity Zero Entertainment. The members of the team present at the event included prominent Music Directors Salim Merchant and Sulaiman Merchant, Director Rajeev Goswami bagged the credit of managing the longest-running musical theater, “Beyond Bollywood”.Renowned Bollywood Singer Pratibha Singh Baghel who is going to play the iconic Umrao Jaan Ada and TV Actress Kanika Maheshwari will be portraying the character of Khanum Jaan. The musical show with live performances is an adaptation of Mirza Hadi Ruswa’s classic novel Umrao Jaan Ada which focuses on the life of Umrao Jaan, a courtesan. Bollywood’s famous music composer duo Salim –Sulaiman Merchant will be adding magic theatrical adaptation. The lyrics are penned by Irfan Siddiqui, whereas the story is created by Varun Gautam. Actress Pooja Pant has choreographed the performances for the artists. For the grand musical experience, Gravity Zero Entertainment collaborated with Insider and Paytm for premier ticketing and event experience. Present at the event, Music Composer, Salim Merchant spoke about the play, " As Umarao Jaan Ada is a music theatrical, music is the backbone of the play. However the play is an adaptation of a book which was originally named " Umrao Jaan Ada", the story of the play has lots of layers and has its own uniqueness." Director Rajeev Goswami shared the story of the play and its concept," It is a story of a small-town girl called Ameeran and her tragic love story. We have tried to portray the world-famous story in live musical form. I hope you all will enjoy it." Bollywood Singer, Pratibha Singh Baghel Playing lead as Umrao Jaan in the play said, " I have really worked hard on my Kathak as I am a Singer by Profession and I had to justify with the role of Classic Umrao Jaan. Also, the play has amazing music which was very difficult for me to sing live on stage but I gave my best."

LK Advani, Raju Chadha, Jackie Shroff, Rahul Mittra & Sunil Shetty launch ‘Badmam’

His antagonist roles in films might have earned him the title of 'bad man', but to his friends in the industry -- and outside -- actor Gulshan Grover remains the man with a "golden heart".Grover was here on Wednesday for the launch of his biography, "Bad Man"."He is a great and strong guy.... He has been beaten out badly so many times to reach where he is today," actor Jackie Shroff said. "You (Gulshan) are a bad man on the book, but yours heart is a good man's heart," said Shroff, whose sentiment was shared by his other colleagues present at the book launch, including actors Sunil Shetty & Mahima Chaudhry and popular producers Raju Chadha and Rahul Mittra. Shetty, who has shared screen with Grover in many films, said not one but at least "400 books" needs to be written to know "the man completely", not just the actor. In a career spanning 40 years, Grover has acted in over 400 films, including international projects. "They say 'friends are the family you choose', and I think we chose Gulshan. He is family, he has always been there. Be it good, bad or ugly, he is always always with you. "He calls himself 'bad man', but I don't think anyone in the industry ever believes that he has got even one little bit of that in him," Shetty added. Well known film producer & presenter Raju Chadha applauded Gulshan and appreciated his warm nature and his humble demeanour whilst award winning filmmaker & close friend Rahul Mittra spoke about how Gulshan Grover is one of the most disciplined actors in the film industry and even shared interesting incidents from his 2013 potboiler Bullet Raja in which he had cast Gulshan in a pivotal role. The star-studded event also saw notable people from different walks of life, including veteran BJP leader L K Advani with daughter Pratibha, FDCI President Sunil Sethi, former Supreme Court judge A K Sikri and BCCI acting president C K Khanna. Sikri, who was also Grover's classmate in the Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC), recalled the time spent together. "We all are really proud of him for what all he has achieved in his life. He is the man with the golden heart," Sikri said smilingly. Grover did not speak much during the event. However, when asked by Mahima Choudhry what he think was the highlight of his life so far, the 63-year-old actor replied without batting an eyelid: "Time spent with my son Sanjay." In fact, according to Grover, one of the happiest moments in his life was when his son got a plum job in the Metro Goldwyn Mayer's Motion Pictures Group as "director, special projects". "Bad Man" is written by senior journalist Roshmila Bhattacharya. Published by Penguin India, the book talks about Grover's life journey -- the ups and downs, his films, successes and failures, besides how he has always stayed relevant.

Parmish Verma and Sonam Bajwa witnessed promoting their upcoming Punjabi Movie Singham in National Capital

Punjabi Singer Parmish Verma and Actress Sonam Bajwa came to New Delhi for the promotion of their upcoming movie Singham (Punjabi). The upcoming movie is a Punjabi remake of Rohit Shetty’s hit action film Singham (2011). The event was held at Shangri-La Hotel, New Delhi. The film is directed by Navaniat Singh and co-produced by Ajay Devgn Films and T-Series. It stars Parmish Verma, Sonam Bajwa and Kartar Cheema in lead roles. The movie is releasing on 9th August 2019. Parmish Verma said," He is very happy that he got to play this great character which has already been accepted and so much loved by the audience. He also mentioned about the Ajay Devgn's tweet for the film ." Talking about the movie, Parmish mentioned about the character of a Punjabi Villain in his movie which is played by his co-actor. The role will be very different as it in Punjabi Dialect. Parmish Verma also said that "As we all know the qualities of a Cop being honest and he does his work with knowing the principles and morals, Same when we put these qualities into a Punjabi character it will reflect more."

Ihana Dhillon promotes Mr. Punjab 2019 in Delhi

Actress Ihana Dhillon, who has become a household name in Punjab, is all set to judge the latest season of modeling show Mr. Punjab 2019. The auditions have started for the talent hunt show and Ihana is currently busy promoting the show in Delhi. The Hate Story 4 actress says, “Mr. Punjab has launched the careers of many talented artists. It is one of the biggest opportunities to make grand career in the entertainment industry. Many young Punjabi boys have started their career in the entertainment industry with the show. I’m really grateful to be a part of show and I’m looking forward to it.” A large number of contestants came all the way from Punjab and Haryana to participate in Mr Punjab 2019. The auditions were held in cities like Ludhiana, Amritsar, and Jalandhar. Mr. Punjab is one of the biggest modeling shows in Punjab. The show has made careers of many celebrities, including MTV Roadies and Bigg Boss 9 winner Prince Narula and many more.

तारक मेहता का उल्टा चश्मा सेलिब्रेट किया अपने प्रसारण के 12वें वर्ष में प्रवेश

आज की दिल्ली, योगराज शर्मा ।
तारक मेहता का उल्टा चश्मा शो 28 जुलाई २०१९ को अपने प्रसारण के 12वें वर्ष में प्रवेश कर गया | पूरी टीम ने अपने शो के क्रिएटर असित कुमार मोदी के साथ ये जश्न जोर शोर से मनाया | गोकुलधाम सोसाइटी के क्लब हाउस को बहुत ही सुंदरता से सजाया गया था | सोनी पिक्चर्स के सी ई ओ श्री एन पी सिंह भी शो की टीम के साथ सेलिब्रेट करने सेट पर पहुंचे | शो के क्रिएटर असित कुमार मोदी ने कहा, " मै अपने प्रशंसकों और आलोचकों दोनों को ही तहे दिल से धन्यवाद देना चाहता हूँ हमें एक पारिवारिक मूल्यों वाला मनोरंजक शो बनाने के लिए |"
तारक मेहता का उल्टा चश्मा एक दैनिक कॉमेडी शो के रूप में इतना सफल हो गया कि 28 जुलाई 'हसों हँसाओ दिवस' के रूप में मनाया जाने लगा | "आज के दिन हमने कहानी सुनाने की एक नई कला को रूप दिया, एक ऐसी कला जो रोज लोगों को हंसाने का काम करने लगी," असित जी ने बताया | 99 प्रतिशत कलाकार और टेक्निकल टीम शो के शुरुआत से ही इसके साथ हैं | दर्शकों की निष्ठा भी लगातार साथ बनी रही है | एक अचम्भित दिलीप जोशी जी का कहना है , "क्या हम सच में 12वें साल में जा रहे हैं ? ये कल जैसा ही लगता है जब इस शो की शुरुआत हुई थी| किस को अंदाजा था कि जेठालाल का किरदार इतना बड़ा हो जायेगा? ये पूरी यात्रा एक बहुत ही सुखद अनुभव रहा है जहां सभी कलाकार और टेक्निकल टीम एक बहुत बड़े संयुक्त परिवार की तरह हो गए हैं | तारक मेहता का उल्टा चश्मा न केवल दर्शकों का बल्कि सभी कलाकारों तक का सजग साथी बन चूका है | में स्वर्गीय श्री तारक मेहता जी का धन्यवाद कहना चाहता हूँ जिन्होंने जेठालाल के किरदार को जन्म दिया और असित भाई का शुक्रगुजार हूँ जिन्होंने जेठालाल को इतने रोचक और मजेदार दृश्य दिए | " एक विचारहीन शो बनाने की बजाय तारक मेहता का उल्टा चश्मा ने ऐसी कहानियां दिखाईं जो साफ़ सुथरे ह्यूमर के साथ में सामाजिक मूल्यों पर जोर देती रहीं | पानी का बचाव, खेल के मैदान को बचाना, लड़कियों के जीवन की रक्षा और उनका सम्मान, स्वच्छ भारत, सैनिकों के प्रति सम्मान, इत्यादि जैसे बहुत सारे विषयों पर ट्रैक्स चले हैं और उनका संभावित सुझाव भी कहानी के माध्यम से दिया गया है | पर तारक मेहता का उल्टा चश्मा का हर एपिसोड एक हैप्पीसोड रहा है जिसने खुशियां और हंसी ही बांटी है | नीला टेलीफिल्म्स के बैनर के अंतर्गत बने शो तारक मेहता का उल्टा चश्मा का प्रसारण सोमवार से शुक्रवार तक रोज शाम 8 . 30 बजे सब टीवी पर होता है |

Monday, July 29, 2019

Laxmikant Pyarelal’s Extravagant Musical Nights With GoCeleb

“Haven’t witnessed anything as big as this,” says the veteran music composer Pyarelalji while talking about his recent shows in Gujarat. Hosted under the banner of GoCeleb, these shows witnessed a full house and an exhilarating experience for true music lovers. GoCeleb Club, India’s first multicity, movable membership-based club, that is set to be a game changer of the Indian Entertainment Industry. And its recent hit has been 4 City Gujarat Tour with the stalwart of the music industry Laxmikant Pyarelal where the veteran music maestro himself performed on stage and had the audience on its feet. This was once in a lifetime kind of opportunity for people of Gujarat to witness the legend performing. Also, the world-famous Sand Artist Nitish Bharti traveled with the troupe and told the duo's musical story through sand art. The events received great support and appreciation from people of Gujarat. “This is just one of the many shows that are to follow,” says Chirag Shah, founder GoCeleb, who has huge plans for his entertainment firm.
The idea of GoCeleb matured in Chirag’s mind, was transformed into an innovative concept in 2013. From starting off as an online artist booking portal, GoCeleb also introduced membership based Entertainment Club offering all needs of entertainment under a single membership. GoCeleb Club has come a long way in no time. With many more such shows and events planned throughout the year, we can only wait to know the details as soon as they come out .

मनोज कुमार की फिल्मों पर केंद्रित पुस्तक 'मनोज कुमार का सिनेमा' का हुआ लोकार्पण

जुहू स्थित गोस्वामी टावर में मनोज जी के सुपुत्र कुणाल गोस्वामी ने किया लोकार्पण
नयी दिल्ली। भारत कुमार के नाम से चर्चित अंतरराष्ट्रीय ख्याति प्राप्त देश के जाने-माने फिल्मकार मनोज कुमार के व्यक्तित्व और कृतित्व पर केंद्रित व गांव डीघल निवासी शिक्षाविद डॉ.राजेश कुमार लिखित शोधग्रंथ 'मनोज कुमार का सिनेमा' शीघ्र ही उनके प्रशंसकों के हाथों में होगा। पुस्तक का लोकार्पण मनोज जी के जन्मदिवस पर उनके गोस्वामी टावर जुहू स्थित निवास पर उनके सुपुत्र कुणाल गोस्वामी ने किया।इस अवसर पर पुस्तक के लेखक डॉ.राजेश कुमार, उनके शिक्षक मित्र डॉ.अजय कादियान, गाज़ियाबाद के युवा समाजसेवी जितेन्द्र नेहरा के अलावा मुंबई के फिल्म निर्देशक अशोक शीतल व कहानीकार महिपाल सैनी भी उपस्थित रहे। यह जानकारी कलमवीर विचार मंच के संयोजक कृष्ण गोपाल विद्यार्थी ने दी है । उन्होंने बताया कि मनोज कुमार के खराब स्वास्थ्य के चलते दिल्ली में भव्य लोकार्पण समारोह की योजना बना रहे डॉ.राजेश ने यह कार्यक्रम उनके मुंबई स्थित निवास पर ही करने का संकल्प लिया। मनोज जी से भी सहमति पाकर पुस्तक के लोकार्पण का दायित्व उनके सुपुत्र कुणाल गोस्वामी को सौंपा गया। इस अवसर पर पुस्तक की कुछ प्रतियां मनोज जी सहित उनके मित्रों व परिजनों के पठनार्थ उन्हें भेंट की गईं । कार्यक्रम में उपस्थित दिल्ली, हरियाणा व उत्तर प्रदेश से आए उनके प्रशंसकों ने राष्ट्रवादी फिल्मकार मनोज कुमार द्वारा फिल्म इण्डस्ट्री के उत्थान में दिए गए अप्रतिम योगदान की चर्चा करते हुए उन्हें जन्मदिन की शुभकामनाएं देने के अलावा उनके शीघ्र ही पूर्णतया स्वस्थ होने की कामना की।

Sunday, July 28, 2019

महिला सशक्तिकरण पर बनी शोर्ट फिल्म- बाबुल तेरी बेटी की लांचिंग

महिला सशक्तिकरण संपूर्ण समाज की आवश्यकता:नरेश कौशिक
बहादुरगढ़। महिला सशक्तिकरण सम्पूर्ण समाज की आवश्यकता और हमारा लक्ष्य है। इस लक्ष्य की प्राप्ति के लिए सरकार और प्रशासन के साथ नारी शक्ति की जागरूकता व समाज का सहयोग भी बेहद ज़रूरी है। यह विचार हैं बहादुरगढ़ के भाजपा विधायक नरेश कौशिक के जो उन्होंने अपने कार्यालय में शार्ट फिल्म 'बाबुल तेरी बेटी' का पोस्टर लॉन्च करते हुए वहां उपस्थित लोगों को संबोधित करते हुए व्यक्त किए। इस दौरान महिला सशक्तिकरण के प्रयासों में जुटी योगराज फिल्म्स की टीम के अभियान की प्रशंसा करते हुए उन्होंने निर्माता निर्देशक योगराज शर्मा व लेखक कृष्ण गोपाल विद्यार्थी सहित सभी कलाकारों के उज्जवल भविष्य की कामना भी की। कार्यक्रम में उपस्थित युवा नायिका रितिका बी. दिल्ली ने भी इस फिल्म के फिल्मांकन से जुड़े कई प्रेरक प्रसंगों का ज़िक्र करते हुए इन्हें अपनी कला यात्रा का अविस्मरणीय अनुभव बताया। विधायक श्री कौशिक ने विषय को हरियाणा व केंद्र सरकार के जारी प्रयासों से जोडते हुए बताया कि हरियाणा सरकार इन दिनो जिन तीन अहम विषयों पर कार्य कर रही है वो हैं शिक्षा, स्वास्थय और सुरक्षा। महिलाओ की सुरक्षा के लिए हमारी सरकार विशेष रुप से प्रयासरत है। साथ ही उन्होने हरियाणा में बढते लिंगानुपात का जिक्र करते हुए कहा कि जहां पहले हरियाणा मे एक हजार पुरुषों पर 830 महिलाएं थी, अब ये अनुपात बढा है और अब एक हजार पुरुषों पर 930 महिलाएं है। कार्यक्रम में विधायक नरेश कौशिक के अलावा भाजपा नेता दिनेश शेखावत,सरपंच सतबीर यादव, कृष्ण चन्द्र, सचेत कुमार, ललित पाराशर, जयपाल स्वामी, रामसिंह दलाल, बलवान सिंह खत्री आदि भी उपस्थित रहे।

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Diljit Dosanjh, Kriti Sanon, and Varun Sharma witnessed promoting their upcoming movie Arjun Patiala in National Capital

AAJ KI DELHI/KARTIKEY GANDHI.... Today, Diljit Dosanjh, Kriti Sanon, and Varun Sharma came to New Delhi for the promotion of their upcoming movie Arjun Patiala. The event was held at The Imperial Hotel, New Delhi. Producer Dinesh Vijan was also present at the event. Arjun Patiala is a Hindi-language romantic spoof comedy.Kriti Sanon playing a crime journalist and Diljit Dosanjh is playing a quirky, small-town cop The film is directed by Rohit Jugraj. and Co-produced by Bhushan Kumar and Dinesh Vijan jointly. The film is produced under the banner of T-Series and Maddock Films. It will be released on 26th July 2019.
Present at the event, Kriti said, "As Arjun Patiala is a comedy movie there was a lot of energy on the sets. I remember a scene in the movie where both Diljit and Varun are drunk and they are slurring a lot. I was not able to control my laugh on the sets and I actually stopped the shoot for a while to just laugh at that scene. Kriti when asked about playing the role of a cop in future, she expressed, " I would really like to play the role of a lady cop in the movie directed by Rohit Shetty Sir." Diljit spoke about the movie, "I never did Out an out comedy, my previous movies were Rom-com. The main reason for doing this movie was it is an out an out comedy, a movie is being told in a movie itself and I am a character of that movie." Varun told about the unique concept of the movie," Arjun Patiala is a spoof comedy genre which is not been attempted in Bollywood before. In this genre, you make fun of yourself or situations. This movie has a story and as you see in the trailer a movie is being made in the movie itself. Many behind the scenes are shown in the movie, basically, we have shown the truth in this movie and not lied to the audience."

Collection Pictures : - AMIT AGGARWAL @ FDCI India Couture Week 2019

AAJ KI DELHI/YOGRAAJ SHARMA..... Amit Aggarwal has long endeavored to bring in a new age of Indian bridal couture and establishing a distinct identity by engineering in innovative designs inspired by nature’s awe-inspiring forms; while effortlessly combining our country’s rich textile heritage and our commitment to environmental sustainability. At a recent virtual reality experience titled ‘We Live in An Ocean of Air’ where the invisible connection between plant and human is revealed through breath. Amit Aggarwal experienced how the air we breathe travelled and uniquely illuminated every framework of the body. Bringing to light the wonderful architecture of the human and plant anatomy. ‘LUMEN’ is a celebration of that unique light that illuminates us and makes us the individuals that we are. Taking cues from this experience, our couture 2019 collection ‘LUMEN’ draws its inspiration from organic structures of the human body that exchange an invisible energy through an overlay of framework, fluidity and form. The framework of the garment is created with layers of our recycled polymer understructures, the fluidity comes through the illusionary movement of textiles creating forms that come to life through the intricate motifs and embroideries. A series of weightless gossamer tulle lace, organzas are meticulously hand embroidered and rendered with structural frameworks to bio-mimic the details of the human and plant anatomy. This has been explored by a range of hand done three-dimensional embroideries in various organic angular forms and motifs to give our textiles a unique visual and tactile quality. This collection, blends an opaque color with its metallic tone and its iridescent hue making each shade into a superfluous flow of energy. A vibrant jewel color palette of emerald, petrol, purple and plum moves into neutrals of gold, blush, silver and ivory with an eclectic mix of neon tones. The transparency, opacity and reflection of these colors reveal the reaction and the flow of light through every hue in the collection. The womenswear collection features traditional Indian silhouettes that blend with western ideologies of couture. Sculpted Edwardian bustles lend an edge to the quintessential bridal lehenga, while the brand’s signature sarees are reinvented with dramatically structured trails. The ensembles have been enhanced by sheer drapes and layers creating an illusion of color through a play of light. The menswear collection brings forth sharp tailoring in classic styles with a touch of layering. Ceremonial Indian silhouettes are revived with modern three-dimensional hand embroidery fabricated in modern industrial materials, as well as Jacquards, silks and handwoven geometric textiles. The garments have been enhanced by draping layers, color blocking through textiles and highlighting it with intricate craftsmanship. This collection is for the traditional Indian man that has evolved and started accepting newer and innovative forms of clothing. Our vision for showcasing our Couture 2019 collection ‘Lumen’ has been brought to life in collaboration with some of the leading designers and artists from across the country. This year, marks another successful collaboration with Taani by Tanira Sethi to create one-of-a kind traditional textiles. The textile motifs represent natural life forms, converted into architectural formation. Her ideology comes together beautifully with the theme of our couture collection. The installations for the set for the show has been designed by Ankon Mitra. In congruence with the concept of our collection. His work ‘The Ocean Within’ represents the play of sunlight and ocean waves. The forces of gravity and the geometry of the installation combine to allow the work to dance in air as it pirouettes and whirls above us. For Couture 2019, we collaborated with Narayan Jewellers by Ketan and Jatin Chokshi. Their bridal collection features engineered designs inspired by the beauty of nature, striking an interesting balance between form and function. Their Jewelry showcases intricate craftsmanship with a perfect synergy of modernity and tradition. Our couture collection has been teamed up with footwear designed in collaboration with Dyuti Bansal. Together, we created a collection of footwear which depicts geometry and architecture. The technique creates an inter-dimensional web with metallic and Ombre color scheme, which comes together beautifully with the couture collection designed by Amit Aggarwal.

Rohit Verma turns the ramp into Runway of Dreams for the differently-abled!

Global designer Rohit Verma has always been known to follow his heart. And his heart seems to be in the right place when it comes to standing up for the cause of children. Rohit Verma has turned the ramp walk into a catwalk for a cause by spearheading a fundraiser for differently-abled children called Mydream Fashion Trunk Show at the Capitolio Reception Hall, Houston, Texas, USA. Organized by the Mydream Global Foundation, a New Jersey based non-profit organization, the event will see Rohit Verma at his creative best as well. "Children are the manifestation of the divine. I am grateful to Lord Krishna that I am a tool," says an elated Rohit Verma. Mydream Global Foundation, the brainchild of Rashmi Bedi, a former Mrs India New Jersey, works towards helping differently-abled children. They have also organized events in aid of soldiers and their families, for empowering women through education, and are the people behind the National Bravery Awards and Bharat Global Icon Awards. Ms Bedi was also felicitated with the New York State Highest Woman Empowerment Award for her contribution to society. Rohit Verma has a strong Bollywood connect and is a sought-after global designer known for his menswear, bridal and couture fashion. And he is regularly off to foreign shores to showcase his collections that have a fan following around the world. This time again, his association with a worthy cause only makes it more exciting. Kudos!

Monday, July 22, 2019

डाबरी -पालम रोड हटवाने के लिए संजय पुरी को जनक पुरी में सम्मानित किया गया

आज की दिल्ली, योगराज शर्मा।
(नई दिल्ली 22 जुलाई ) डाबरी -पालम रोड के बीच बनी दुकानों को तुड़वाने के लिये जनक पुरी विधानसभा के निगम वार्ड न: 16 (S) के सी 4 जी ब्लाक स्थित डीडीए के पार्क में आज लाफ्टर एंड क्लेपिंग क्लब की ओर से जनक पुरी के पूर्व निगम पार्षद संजय पुरी को सम्मानित किया गया. कार्यक्रम का संचालन मल्होत्रा ने किया. इस अवसर पर मल्होत्रा ने कहा डाबरी -पालम रोड के बीच बनी दुकानों के कारन हर रोज़ पश्चिम दिल्ली के लोगो को टैफिक जाम की समस्या का सामना करना पड़ता था पिछले कई सालो से इन दुकानों को तुडवा सड़क को चौड़ा करवाने के लिए संजय पुरी ने आन्दोलन छेड़ रखा था आख़िरकार इनकी मेहनत रंग लाई और DDA ने इन दुकानों को तोड़ दिया यह काम असंभव था लेकिन संजय पुरी ने इसे सम्भव कर दिखया इस शानदार उपलब्धि के लिए हमें संजय पुरी को सम्मानित करते हुये ख़ुशी है. भारतीय योग संस्थान जनक पुरी शाखा के अध्यक्ष श्री जी बी शर्मा ने शाल पहना कर संजय पुरी को सम्मानित किया व लाफ्टर एंड क्लेपिंग क्लब के अन्य पदाधिकारियों ने फूल मालाओं से स्वागत किया. इस मौके पर संजय पुरी ने बोलते हुए कहा कि इन दुकानों पर कोर्ट से स्टे मिला होने के कारण DDA इन दुकानों को तोड़ नहीं पा रही थी 2016 में DDA ने इस फैसले के खिलाफ़ अपील दायर करते हुए यह मांग की थी कि इन दुकानों से स्टे को हटाया जाये अवैध रूप से बनी इन दुकानों को हटाने की अनुमति DDA को दी जाये लेकिन कोर्ट स्टे को जब हटाने को तैयार नहीं थी DDA मुआवजा देने को तैयार नहीं थी इस कारण इस पर कोई समाधान होना असम्भव था. 4 मार्च 2019 को सांसद श्री संजय सिंह ने मेरे अनुरोध पर इस मामले को उठाया और DDA के VC व अन्य अधिकारियो के साथ मिटिंग कर के इस बात को लेकर अपनी नराजगी जताई और कहा कि डाबरी फ्लाई ओवर बनाने का मकसद पंखा रोड व डबरी पालम रोड से लोगो को जैम से राहत दिलाना था इन दुकानों की वजह से हर रोज़ जाम के कारण लोगो को परेशान होना पड़ता है अब इस समस्या को नजरंदाज नहीं किया जा सकता. DDA VC ने श्री संजय सिंह को आश्वासन दिया कि DDA मुआवजा देने को तैयार है इस तरह से इस समस्या का हल निकला. श्री पुरी ने कहा कि जल्द ही सांसद श्री संजय सिंह का एक भव्य समारोह में आभार व्यक्त किया जायेगा. संजय पुरी ने PWD मंत्री को लिखे एक पत्र में इन तोड़ी गई दुकानों की जगह RMC की सड़क दो दिन में PWD की ओर से बनाने का अनुरोध किया है जैसा कि कोर्ट ने आदेश किया था.

Friday, July 19, 2019


A special screening of Jon Favreau’s animated American film, “The Lion King” was held in PVR, Select City Walk Mall, New Delhi. The film is the remake of 1994 released movie The Lion King, directed by Rob Minkoff and Roger Allers. The Hindi dubbing of the characters is done by the father-son duo. Mufasa is dubbed by Bollywood’s King Shah Rukh Khan, whereas Simba’s voice- over is done by his son, Aryan Khan. The special effects in the film are very impressing. The depiction of the life in the le with the evergreen Disney characters in an all-new avatar is nothing less than a gift for all the fans. The dubbed version is filled with some laughter-filled elements, especially for the Indian fans.

“Raju Chadha announces his next Tipsy”

Celebrity Filmmakers Raju Chadha & Rahul Mittra have signed actor-director Deepak Tijori for their next film titled Tipsy. An adventure thriller, the film stars Laxmi Raai, Nazia Hussain, Kainaat Arora, Alankrita Sahai, and Shama Sikander. A modern-day chick flick, Tipsy is a story of five girls Tanya, Iris, Pony, Selene, and Yami, who unknowingly get trapped in London, whilst they are away for the Hen Night of Pony’s wedding. To be shot on exotic locations in Cardiff, Birmingham & London, the makers are working towards creating a visual delight for the audiences, apart from presenting a potboiler full of fun, adventure & thrill and the shoot will commence in September 2019. “Tipsy will be a fun ride with fresh young talent & we will strive towards giving the audiences a thrilling visual experience backed with great content,” said award-winning filmmaker Rahul Mittra.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

हिमाचल प्रदेश का राज्यपाल बनने पर मिश्र से की शिष्टाचार भेंट

आज की दिल्ली, योगराज शर्मा ।
सहयोग दिल्ली संस्था के अध्यक्ष मनोज जैन और आल इंडिया जैन कॉन्फ्रेंस के राष्ट्रीय उपाध्यक्ष सुभाष ओसवाल ने मंगलवार को हिमाचल प्रदेश के नवनियुक्त राज्यपाल कलराज मिश्र से शिष्टाचार भेंट की। नोएडा में उनके निवास पर हुई इस भेंट में जैन और ओसवाल ने मिश्र को उनकी नई पारी के लिए बधाई एवं शुभकामनाएं दीं तथा उन्हें शॉल ओढ़ाकर उनका सम्मान किया। जैन ने उम्मीद जताई कि जिस तरह कलराज मिश्र ने प्रधानमंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी के पिछले कार्यकाल में उनके मंत्रिमंडल का हिस्सा बनकर बेहतर काम किया, उसी तरह अब बतौर राज्यपाल हिमाचल के विकास में भी वे अपना श्रेष्ठ योगदान देंगे।

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Set to Thrill!! John Abraham to Produce and Lead An “Attack”.

John will Produce this action thriller with Dheeraj Wadhawan & Ajay Kapoor of Kyta Productions John Abraham's love for the action genre is no secret. The Superstar will now produce and play the lead in an all out action thriller - Attack, a race against time story of rescue by an Attack team led by a lone ranger played by John. The film is a fictional story inspired by true events, set against a hostage crisis that brought a Nation to its knees. Written & Directed by debutant Lakshya Raj Anand, Attack will be produced by Dheeraj Wadhawan & Ajay Kapoor's Kyta Productions & John's JA Entertainment. Attack will be produced by Dheeraj Wadhawan & Ajay Kapoor's Kyta Productions & John's JA Entertainment. The two production houses have earlier collaborated on their super hit film, Parmanu- The Story of Pokhran and RAW (Romeo Akbar Walter).
The film will go on floors in December 2019.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Witness the tale of a courtesan, Umrao Jaan Ada, live on stage from August 3rd at JLN Auditorium, Delhi

Aaj Ki Delhi/Yograaj Sharma.
Rekha’s charm and Aishwarya’s ada are the first things which comes to our mind when we talk about ‘Umrao Jaan’, but it is two centuries ago when an ace novelist Mirza Hadi Ruswa wrote this classic novel “Umrao Jaan Ada”. Adapted from the classic novel Gravity Zero Entertainment brings the life of Umrao Jaan on stage with live singing and music. The musical ‘Umrao Jaan Ada’ is directed by Rajeev Goswami who has directed one of the longest-running musical theatre ‘Beyond Bollywood’. The live music is composed by popular Bollywood composer duo Salim-Sulaiman and lyrics are penned by Irfan Siddiqui. The story of the musical Umrao Jaan Ada is recreated by writer Varun Gautam and choreographed by Pooja Pant. Umrao Jaan Ada - The musical will be performed in Delhi from August 3rd to 11th. For this magnificent musical, Gravity Zero Entertainment has collaborated with Insider ( and paytm (, to make this dream-like experience come true as the ticket booking is just a click away. Sharing the making experience, director Rajeev Goswami says, “As a director I couldn't have asked for more! It wasn’t easy bringing back a story of the 19th century and making it look convincing to the audiences who today have the world at the tip of their fingers. Moreover, we adapted the book. So breaking it down to scenes topped with managing not just acting but live singing and live music. I loved every bit of this challenge.” “It’s a dream to recreate this epic musical! There is a lot of effort that has gone into the little nuances to take our audiences back to the early 19th century. It’s been a sheer joy to bring the sound of ghazal & thumri live on stage,” says composer Salim Merchant. “It is for the first time in India that a musical theatre performance with live music and singing is happening which will take Indian theatre production to international standards,” adds Sulaiman Merchant “We’re excited to partner on the retelling of this legendary story on stage, especially with the vision of its powerhouse creative team led by Rajeev and Salim-Sulaiman behind it. Musicals in India have a lot of potential and we at Paytm Insider are keen to partner and take musicals to the top cities in India” says Shreyas Srinivasan, Founder & CEO at So, come and witness this epic saga live on stage for the first time ever, a masterpiece that you have never experienced before. Relive and be a part of the traditional Lucknowi culture.

Ek Boond Campaign by Kanika Chopra

KANIKA CHOPRA...... Ek Boond hu main, Mujhe sambhal lo ek pal ke liye ye khayal lo, Mere aj se tera kal hai Us kl ko bhi khayal do.... Ek Boond campaign is to save water, through this we are trying to connect the entire India together to save each drop that counts and saves life. This was initiated by an Entrepreneur Kanika Chopra in association with media partner Daily Aadaa and further moved with support of 370 members to begin from all over India. To make a change from within and to start before it’s too late, let's join “Ek Boond”, This Campaign will make people aware about the water-related problems that can be solved and by making the government aware of real issues faced by people and what corrective actions can be taken on each level.

“Raju Chadha announces his next Tipsy”

Yograaj Sharma/Aaj Ki Delhi
Celebrity Filmmakers Raju Chadha & Rahul Mittra have signed actor-director Deepak Tijori for their next film titled Tipsy. An adventure thriller, the film stars Laxmi Raai, Nazia Hussain, Kainaat Arora, Alankrita Sahai, and Shama Sikander. A modern-day chick flick, Tipsy is a story of five girls Tanya, Iris, Pony, Selene, and Yami, who unknowingly get trapped in London, whilst they are away for the Hen Night of Pony’s wedding. To be shot on exotic locations in Cardiff, Birmingham & London, the makers are working towards creating a visual delight for the audiences, apart from presenting a potboiler full of fun, adventure & thrill and the shoot will commence in September 2019. “Tipsy will be a fun ride with fresh young talent & we will strive towards giving the audiences a thrilling visual experience backed with great content,” said award-winning filmmaker Rahul Mittra.

68 पौधे लगाकर मनाया केंद्रीय रक्षा मंत्री का 68वा जन्मदिन

आज की दिल्ली, योगराज शर्मा ।
सहयोग दिल्ली संस्था की ओर से बुधवार को केंद्रीय रक्षा मंत्री राजनाथ सिंह का 68वा जन्मदिन 68 पौधे लगाकर ही मनाया गया। संस्था के अध्यक्ष मनोज जैन ने प्रदीप जैनी वस्तु बाबा और अन्य साथियों के साथ मिलकर अशोक के पेड़ों का पौधरोपण किया। इस अवसर पर जैन ने कहा कि जिस तरह रक्षा मंत्री राजनाथ सिंह की अगुवाई में हमारी सेना बॉर्डर पर देश की रक्षा कर रही हैं, उसी तरह दिल्ली को प्रदूषण रूपी दुश्मन से बचाने के लिए ज्यादा से ज्यादा पौधे लगाने की जरूरत है। देश के रक्षा मंत्री का जन्मदिन मनाने का भी पौधरोपण से बेहतर कोई जरिया नहीं हो सकता। इस दौरान उन्होंने आम लोगों से भी अधिकाधिक पौधे लगाने और पर्यावरण को बचाने का आह्वान किया।

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

केवल रजिस्ट्रेशन करवाने से ही हो जाता है दो हजार का फायदा

नई दिल्ली। योगराज फिल्म्स और आज की दिल्ली मैग्जीन समूह के प्राोडक्शन हाउस, मैग्जीन और मोडलिग एक्टिंग अकादमी में रजिस्ट्रेशन करवाने वाले युवाओं को तीन हजार रुपये कीमत का मिनी फोलियो शूट फ्री मिलेगा। ये घोषणा कंपनी के एमडी योगराज शर्मा ने की। उन्होने कहा कि उनकी कंपनी लगातार शूटस कर रही है। निरंतर शोर्ट फिल्मों और वीडियो एलबम के लिए फोलियो बनाने के लेकर विभिन्न कार्यों के लिए नए नए चेहरों को चांस दिया जा रहाहै। इन युवाओ को जोडने के लिए जो रजिस्ट्रेशन की औपचारिकता की गई है। उसकी फीस केवल 999 रुपये रखी गई है। जबकि रजिस्टर्ड होते ही शूटिंग डेट दे दी जाती है और 3000 रुपये वाला पोर्टफोलियो शूट फ्री दे दिया जाता है। हो गया ना सीधा सीधा 2000 रुपये का फायदा। कुछ लोग ये कहेंगे कि उनका तो फोलियो है, वो क्या करेंगे। तो उनको ये समझना चाहिए छह महीने के बाद एक फोलियो चेंज करना होता है, क्योकि हमारे अंदर लगातार बदलाव आते है, लिहाजा ताजा फोलियो भी करवा लिया जाना चाहिए। हमारे यहां रजिस्ट्रेशन ओफिस मे आकर भी और ओनलाइन भी करवाया जा सकता है। फीस भी ओनलाइन, पेटीएम आदि से और ओफिस में आकर जमा कराना दोनो तरीके से जारी है। रजिस्ट्रेशन से एक सप्ताह के अंदर ही मो़डल को शूटिंग की डेट दे ती जाती है। इसके साथ ही शुर कर दिया जाता है साथ ही प्रमोशन और एक फैशन सो मे लेने की तैयार शुरु हो जाती है। इस तरह रजिस्टेरश के साथ ही मोडल्स को तीन हजार रुपये कीमत का पोर्टफोलियो शूट फ्री मिल जाता है। ये फार्म सेव करें, भर कर भेजें। फीस जमा करवाने के लिए आप पेटीएम के नंबर 7011490810 पर भी भेज सकते है और बैंक ट्रांसफर करना चाहे तो वटसअप या फोन करके बैंक डिटेल्स मांग सकते हैं।